Safety with the Firebird Advantage

Safety With The Firebird Advantage For Clients And DriversAt Firebird, safety is  one of the things that sets us apart from every other trucking company and it is our hallmark. We are so committed to our safety record and we present each of our customers with comprehensive safety reports .

For The Client:

Each of our trucks are fully integrated with satellite communication. We feature real time communication with our trucks though the TMW Dispatching software.  GPS allows us to track and record each route and allows us to provide each client with a comprehensive report. We know where each of our trucks are at any given point in time. Because we can reach each of our drivers on the spot it allows us to more rapidly answer our clients when they call and ask the status of a route making our customer response time superior.

Our trucks are equipped with Air-Weigh so that we can see how much the load weighs. It stops the load from being too heavy, which causes problems and delays, as well as stops a truck from being too light and it makes sure each customer gets the most for their money because there is no loss of cargo capacity.

For the Driver:
The Firebird drivers benefit from many of our safety enhancements. We have added Rollover protection to each of our trucks as well as under run protection.  These side rails lower the gap between the truck and the roadway minimizing the chance of other vehicles getting under the truck, which helps prevent accidents.

We stay up-to-date on the ever changing DOT standards for Truck drivers.  We have an E-log system to help enforce and support these new laws.

Our trucks are also equipped with digital level guages, to stop the need for climbing. We also have alarms for overfill protection.